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Press Coverage

2012/06/24 CNN México: RoboCup Humanoid

Interview of team members of Universidad La Salle and ITESM during RoboCup 2012 about the prospects for humanoid robotics technology. Full article at cnn.com.

2012/06/20 TVC Deportes

Members of team Cyberlords+Falconbots are interviewed on location at RoboCup 2012 during the match against Indonesia.

2012/06/20 TV Azteca: Azteca Noticias

Interview of several members of team Cyberlords+Falconbots on location at RoboCup 2012 by Mariano Riva Palacio.

2012/06/20 Reforma: Video interview

Mexican scientists from team Cyberlords+Falconbots defeated the Indonesian team by 3 goals to 1 at RoboCup 2012.

2012/05/29 Televisa FOROtv: Fr@tal

Interview of team Cyberlords+Falconbots on the technology news program Fr@tal of national broadcast television network Televisa. On location by Ingrid Barrera.

2011/10/27 TV Azteca: Hechos AM

Interview of team Cyberlords La Salle on the morning news of national broadcast television network TV Azteca. In studio by Fernanda Granados.

2011/10/13 TVC Deportes: Entre redes

Live interview of three members of team Cyberlords La Salle on the TV sports talk show "Entre Redes" of TVC Deportes (cable channel 503). Click here for part 2.

2011/10/09 Excélsior: Robots bicampeones

Newspaper note: Students from Universidad La Salle win Latin American championship. The robot 'Max' is top scorer.

2011/09/20 Cadena Tres: Al Empezar el Día

Interview on location of several members of team Cyberlords La Salle for the morning news program "Al Empezar el Día" of Cadena Tres (cable channel 28).

2011/08/08 El Universal: Like science fiction

Newspaper note: Cyberlords La Salle is getting ready for the upcoming RoboCup 2012 world championship which will take place in Mexico in the month of June.

2011/07/09 Heise Online: Scoring chances

Online news: German newsletter highlights the actions of the match between Cyberlords La Salle and TKU in RoboCup 2011.

2011/05/22 Reforma: Robots ready for Turkey

Newspaper note: After competing in the Mexican RoboCup Open members of Universidad La Salle will represent our country at the RoboCup 2011 world championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

2010/12/24 El Economista: Grand challenge

Newspaper note: Two page note based on the experience of team Cyberlords La Salle in RoboCup. The report points out some of the challenges and opportunities in the field of mobile robotics.

2010/08/15 Terra TV: Campus Party México

Two goals scored by Benito gave team Cyberlords La Salle the championship at the Campus Party México 2010.

2010/08/02 OnceTV: Las Mañanas en el Once

Live interview on the national broadcast channel OnceTV. Interview took place in the morning talk show "Las Mañanas en el Once" with Carmen Muñoz and Adriana Cuevas.

2010/07/27 Efekto TV: Data.exe

Team Cyberlords La Salle performs a live demonstration with Benito and Tony. The interview took place in the TV talk show Data.exe with Pablo Berruecos.