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RoboCup Mexican Open 2012 champions

Tiro a gol de Max en el TMR2012

Team Cyberlords+Falconbots won the final match of the RoboCup Mexican Open 2012 on Saturday April 28th becoming Mexican champions. The team is integrated by students and researchers from Universidad La Salle México and Instituto Tecnológico Superior de San Martín.

In the final match the team faced the local team Bogobots from ITESM. In this match, the star was the robot Max from Universidad La Salle who is well known to be the top scorer in Mexico and all Latin America. Max made an early shot during the first half which stopped just short of the goal line. The defender of the rival team made an attempt to clear the ball from the danger zone, but instead pushed it further a few centimeters scoring Cyberlords+Falconbots @ TMR2012an own goal. In the second half, Max made an additional shot towards the rival's goal, which again stopped short. The goalie of team Cyberlords+Falconbots, Tony, had a peaceful time in the tournament since no attempts to score on its goal were made by any of the other four contestant teams.

Team Cyberlords La Salle had previously conquered the Mexican championship on its debut tournament in 2008. The team also holds the Latin American championships from 2010 and 2011. Team Cyberlods+Falconbots is a joint team established in January 2012 for the purpose of participating together at the RoboCup World Championship to take place in Mexico City in June 2012. This is the first tournament in which the two teams present themselves together and the joint venture is already paying dividends.

Cyberlords + Falconbots

Team Cyberlords La Salle will form a joint team with Falconbots Tec San Martin to participate at RoboCup 2012. By joining forces both teams expect to have at least five robots for the competition. Team Cyberlords La Salle will present a new robot architecture called T3 (which is an upgrade to our top scorer Max) and team Falconbots San Martin is contributing one Bioloid and with one DARwIn OP robot. All robots in our team will be programmed using the libCyberlords library developed at Universidad La Salle.

Cyberlords @ ULSA Noroeste

Luis F Lupián (Research Professor with the School of Engineering) was invited to give a plenary talk at the 9th International Mechatronics Colloquium organized by the IEEE student branch of Universidad La Salle Noroeste which took place amid the 20th anniversary celebration of the institution.

The talk was titled "Software Architecture for Intelligent Humanoid Robots", and was centered around the different modules that compose the recently developed libCyberlords library, on which our top scorer humanoid robot Max is based. Several videos of the robots of team Cyberlords La Salle were shown as evidence of the performance of this library.

The event took place from 19th through 21st of October in Cd. Obregón, Sonora. It was attended by the academic community of Cd. Obregón and neighboring cities. Right after the talk, the attendants were able to see a live demonstration of the Mexican scorer robot Max, which was developed by members of team Cyberlords La Salle.

Cyberlords La Salle is Latin American Champion Again

Team Cyberlords La Salle participated in the RoboCup Latin American Open which took place within the IEEE Latin American Robotics Competition in the city of Bogotá, Colombia from 1st through 4th of October 2011. In this event the team presented the humanoid robots developed in the Mobile Robotics and Automated Systems Lab, a project led by Luis F Lupian, in which several students of Universidad La Salle contirbute their work.

Three preliminary matches were played in the RoboCup Humanoid KidSize league. Their results were: 2-0, 3-0 y 1-0, all of them in favor of team Cyberlords La Salle. The final match was disputed on the 4th of October at 10am between the Brazilian team EDROM and Cyberlords La Salle with a final score of 3-0 for the Mexican team. With this result the team from Universidad La Salle retained the Latin American championship conquered in 2010 in Brazilian territory. Furthermore, with these nine goals during the competition the team broke its own record of seven goals scored in the RoboCup world championship in Istanbul, Turkey just three months before.